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Rosenwald Discusses Success of Abiraterone Acetate

November 5, 2014

Abiraterone Acetate pic In a recent interview with CNN iReport, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald discussed abiraterone acetate, a drug developed by Cougar Biotechnology that is one of the most promising cancer treatments available. The drug has demonstrated a significantly higher survival rate among patients with late-stage prostate cancer, and in trials, it has shown that it could benefit patients with advanced breast cancer. Rosenwald said the drug, which inhibits the growth of androgens that encourage cancer, is in on track to be a “multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical.” Rosenwald is a co-founder and original financial backer of Cougar Biotechnology.

Marketed as Zytiga, abiraterone acetate has the potential to prolong or enhance the lives of thousands of people, Rosenwald said in the interview. As people live longer, they are exposed to more cancer-causing agents that require the development of alternative treatment options.

Zytiga was released to the market in 2011 after being tested on more than 1,200 patients with advanced prostate cancer. Cougar Biotechnology, which was acquired for more than $1 billion by Johnson & Johnson during clinical trials for abiraterone acetate, now operates as a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical giant.