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The Benefits of Membership in the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society

December 16, 2013

Physician and investor Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald focuses on developing promising new biotechnology companies. Before attending medical school, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald studied finance and economics at The Pennsylvania State University. He graduated from this institution as an inductee of the international honor society Beta Gamma Sigma, an organization that recognizes students for excellence in business. The society presents members with a wide range of benefits.

One of the primary benefits available to Beta Gamma Sigma members is CareerCentral, a resource center for individuals interested in advancing their careers. Members also have access to career coaching and scholarships. In addition, the Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum allows students to gather twice a year to develop professional skills, engage in social activities, and network with other chapters.

The extensive alumni network also offers a number of opportunities to business professionals as they advance through their careers. For example, the Meet the Leaders of Business Speaker Series features CEOs of major companies sharing their knowledge. On a more practical level, Beta Gamma Sigma connects members to discounts on professional clothing, business publications, insurance, technology, travel, and financial services.